The HIPAAtizer Platform: Customizable Healthcare Workflow and Process Solutions Without Coding

Leverage HIPAAtizer's FHIR-based structure, to create customized workflows for diverse industries. Customize your secure and privacy sensitive processes without the cost of fully customized software!

HIPAAtizer Platform Features

Integrate, automate, and streamline your data exchange with any open source system or EMR (Electronic Medical Record) with RESTful APIs and Webhooks. Our development team can handle the most complex request.
Don't be limited by predefined data structures. Tailor HIPAAtizer to your specific needs. Customize the platform's resource architecture to match your unique requirements to create and manage diverse workflows with ease. Adapt HIPAAtizer to your organization's exact resource structure, ensuring seamless integration into your existing processes and systems.
HIPAAtizer provides robust support for FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and allows EMR (Electronic Medical REcord) Integration. Integrate and utilize standardized templates, ensuring data exchange with other EMRs and EHRs and compliance with industry standards.
Create unique and tailored workflows with HIPAAtizer's drag-and-drop components. Integrate features like e-payment and e-signature, along with 30+ other components, to craft workflows that suit your specific needs. Apply conditional logic to refine your workflows and connect multiple documents into one seamless process, all while securely managing data and documents within your HIPAAtizer account.
HIPAAtizer is fully compliant with HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA standards, providing robust protection for your Protected and/or Personal Health Information and sensitive data. HIPAAtizer undergoes annual audits and an external verification process to ensure full regulatory compliance.
HIPAAtizer's tech team will help you to create a workflow, integrate and pull data to any other system that you may require.

The HIPAAtizer team is here to assist with all aspects of implementation. Contact us to get started today.

Some Use Cases

For Health Care Practitioners

Diagnostic Assessment Workflow
Targeted at medical specialists' clinics to manage the referral, intake and pre-consultation process. Includes customized digital referral from the PCP, patient intake form, interactive questionnaire, videos and follow-up protocols. Can be fully integrated with the clinic's EMR for maximum efficiency. Contact us to make it work in your practice.
Psychology Assessment Workflow
Multi-step and conditional secure assessments used by therapists and family doctors during intake. Combined with basic intake forms, therapists and family doctors can reduce time lost on filling out forms in the office and accelerate treatment plans. Therapists particularly love how HIPAAtizer can tabulate results from long assessments and questionnaires, as well as track results over time.

Not Just For Health Care Practitioners

HR Onboarding Workflow
Help your clients move their onboarding online. In one workflow, new candidates can be fill-out all statutory documents, including W-4ds and I-9s, as well as complete all necessary insurance and other onboarding documents. Incorporate HIPAAtizer's assessment tests to fully utilize the platform's functionality.
Private School application
Private schools collect a vast array of sensitive information during the application process. Starting from the initial application, through to the collection and storage of sensitive medical and health information, HIPAAtizer has a solution that meets all privacy requirements. After admittance, HIPAAtizer can also help the school manage consent forms and other documentation exchanged with parents.

Do you or your clients have a process or workflow challenge that needs a custom solution, but you don't want to pay for custom software?

Reach out to us to see how HIPAAtizer can help!
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