Turnkey HIPAA-Compliant Forms for Marketing Agencies

Do your healthcare clients ever ask you to put forms online? It may seem like a simple request, but if you aren't a HIPAA expert, you may end up hurting your agency. With HIPAAtizer, you can deliver HIPAA-Compliant online forms without jeopardizing your hard-earned business relationships.

Form Conversion and Integration Services

Here's what HIPAAtizer can do for you:


  • Converts your clients' Word or PDF HIPAA forms to online HIPAA-Compliant forms.
  • Converts your forms from other form builders into fully HIPAA-Compliant web forms.
  • Assists you in creating printable forms for your clients keeping the original design and formats of the forms that they already use.
  • Allows you to create mobile-friendly HIPAA forms for your clients' patients.
Hipaa compliant forms for patients


Integrates HIPAA-Compliant forms with your clients' CRM, EMR, RXI and other third-party services.
HIPAA Online Forms Integration with leading CRM and EMR systems

Why Marketing Agencies Love HIPAAtizer

If you’re a marketing agency with healthcare clients, the last thing you want to worry about is creating HIPAA-Compliant forms. With so many other marketing activities to focus on, you need a partner who can handle all the heavy lifting, and that’s where HIPAAtizer comes in. Check out these features:
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Once you sign up, you're automatically eligible for a 20% commission or partner discount for each Covered Entity (your HIPAA regulated client) you refer. As your relationship with HIPAAtizer grows, you can benefit from additional commissions or partner discounts of up to 50%.
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Receive one itemized invoice regardless of the number of Covered Entities you service, with location-based (not user-based) billing for easy scalability.
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HIPAA-Compliant Protected Health Information (PHI) management and access controls with a user-friendly interface allows your clients' HIPAA Certified staff to quickly and efficiently manage form submissions.
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In fact, you don't even need to have anyone on staff that's HIPAA Certified. As part of the sign-up process, HIPAAtizer assumes the role of the business associate for HIPAA purposes with your client. Therefore, you and your clients are always protected! Do you already have a business associate agreement with your clients? If so, ask us about our white label options!
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HIPAA-Compliant Protected Health Information (PHI) management and access controls with a user-friendly interface allows your clients’ HIPAA Certified staff to quickly and efficiently manage form submissions. As a default, you have no access to PHI and you’re at no risk of an inadvertent breach of the HIPAA Regulations.
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The HIPAAtizer sandbox account  is free, and so is the plugin, if you use WordPress. Covered Entities pay a modest per-location license  for the full range of HIPAAtizer HIPAA-Compliant form features.

Make Your Beautiful Bespoke Sites HIPAA-Compliant

Your medical clients love the beauty and functionality of the sites you've built for them. BUT, they also need HIPAA-Compliant forms. HIPAAtizer was created to give YOU the tools to keep your clients and their websites HIPAA Compliant!
HIPAA compliance solutions for marketing agencies

Easy to Use and Seamless Integration

HIPAAtizer's HIPAA-Compliant form builder can easily reproduce your clients' forms because they don't want some form builder's forms. They want their own forms. Do it yourself  with our intuitive system, supported by our educational resources. Or reach out to us and we'll help you recreate your client's forms online so they are HIPAA-Compliant and ready to use.

How It Works

Create a free HIPAAtizer sandbox account.  (You will be prompted to do so if you install the WordPress plugin.)
HIPAAtizer application screen. Free Sandbox account and Covered Entity account
Build and customize forms using practice-specific templates or create your own with the built-in drag & drop form builder. Alternatively, convert existing Contact Form 7 forms.

Need help? Submit Word or PDF files and HIPAAtizer will convert them for you.
HIPAA-Compliant Drag & Drop form builder
Add your HIPAAtizer forms to your website using snippets, WordPress Gutenberg component, or shortcode. Alternatively, share a HIPAA-Compliant form via a link.
HIPAA plugin for Wordpress - Gutenberg
HIPAA-regulated clients can receive form submissions via email with encrypted and password-protected PDF files, via Covered Entity dashboard, and via direct connection to EMR software using the HIPAA-Compliant RESTful API.
How to make a HIPAA-Compliant from with wordpress hipaa plugin
Users can access the dashboard to view audit logs and form submissions, continually update form fields, adjust styles, and more.
Screen for Covered Entity to check patients' submissions

Get started today by clicking below to setup your free sandbox account!

Do you use WordPress? Search WordPress plugins for HIPAAtizer or click here to download the plugin from WordPress.org. The plugin will walk you through the setup for your free sandbox account and get you started with form creation and/or conversion.

What Marketing Agencies Say

WHEN YOU HAVE A CLIENT THAT REQUIRES HIPAA COMPLIANCE, HIPAATIZER IS THE TOOL TO USE.While it is easy to use, can easily be integrated into our WordPress environment, and allows our agency to easily manage all our clients, the HIPAAtizer team has also helped us ensure our form logic is streamlined. With a competitive pricing structure, flexible platform, and helpful team, there is no reason to use any other form builder.January, 2023
SUPER EASY HIPAA FORMSThe full service feature is the way to go. All I did was send HIPAAtizer my client's intake form. In one step, we got back an online responsive HIPAA compliant intake form with digital and printable form submissions. Very happy we found this plugin!July, 2022

Become a HIPAAtizer Partner and Earn Partner Commissions!

Join our HIPAAtizer partnership program and earn lifetime commission on payments made by your clients.
As a partner, you'll have access to a range of benefits, including:
  • A personalized dashboard to track your clients and earnings
  • Marketing materials
  • Priority support.
Sign up today and start earning commissions on HIPAA-Compliant forms.
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