Online Forms and Consents for MedSpa, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Practices

Create custom forms, consents, agreements and other forms for your MedSpa, Plastic Surgery or Aesthetic services. Easily add logos and customized fonts to reflect your existing online presence and brand identity.
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Popular HIPAAtizer features for MedSpa forms and consents

Use the HIPAAtizer canvas feature to prepare diagnostic and treatment plans directly on an iPad!
Simplify payment processing by integrating Stripe or PayPal components into your online forms. Provide patients with a secure and hassle-free payment experience.
Use the eSignature feature to enable your patients to fill-out consent forms on their tablets and phones.
Build interactive forms that adjust based on user input, delivering a personalized experience and collecting relevant data more efficiently.
Customize the appearance of your forms to maintain a consistent brand identity. With HIPAAtizer, tailor the design to match your brand's visual style seamlessly.
With HIPAAtizer's  Business Associate Agreement, you can rest assured that you are always HIPAA Compliant when using our forms.

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How HIPAAtizer Works


Sign up  to create a form or  upload your form  and we will convert it for you. Use our templates to get started if you do not have your own forms.
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Customize your forms with the HIPAAtizer Form Builder. Publish your MedSpa intake form or consent form on your website or send secure links to your patients.
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Integrate your HIPAAtizer form with popular platforms such as WordPress, WIX, Squarespace and others.  Learn more about HIPAAtizer integrations.


Choose a HIPAAtizer plan from the My Profile-Subscription tab to activate your HIPAA-Compliant forms.

HIPAAtizer MedSpa Workflow Solutions

When You Need a Fully Automated Solution That's More Than Just Forms!

HIPAAtizer MedSpa Workflow Solutions combines your procedure-specific consents and diagnostic and treatment plans into one single process. It includes:
  • Fully Customized and Branded Forms and Consents: Align the style of all your online forms, consents, agreements and educational materials with the design of your website and other marketing materials for a cohesive brand experience.
  • Procedure-Specific Consents: Automatically match the appropriate consent form to specific procedures and locations, speeding up the intake process without sacrificing accuracy or compliance.
  • Engineers from HIPAAtizer help set up and add the forms and documents to your website and provide training to all team members.
  • Integration with EMRs and EHRs: HIPAAtizer will ensure full integration with your EMR or EHR as part of the package. (Your EMR or EHR may charge a separate fee for access to their system.)
  • Integration with Marketing systems such as CRMs, scheduling and other apps. (Your CRM or application may charge a separate fee for access to their system.)
  • Free form and document updates.
  • 24/7 HIPAAtizer tech support and troubleshooting.
One-time setup fee from $999. For monthly subscription costs to our HIPAA-Compliant form service, see our  pricing.
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THE TRANSITION TO HIPAATIZER MARKED THE BEGINNING OF OUR JOURNEY TOWARDS A GREENER, MORE SUSTAINABLE PRACTICE As the IT Manager at Ford Plastic Surgery, I have had the distinct pleasure of integrating HIPAAtizer into our daily operations, and the experience has been nothing short of revolutionary. In an industry often bogged down by outdated technologies and inefficient workflows, HIPAAtizer has emerged as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Before HIPAAtizer, our office was entrenched in the traditional, paper-heavy processes that are all too common in healthcare. The transition to HIPAAtizer marked the beginning of our journey towards a greener, more sustainable practice. We've seen a dramatic reduction in paper use, which not only aligns with our environmental goals but has also streamlined our administrative tasks. One of the most remarkable aspects of HIPAAtizer has been its flexibility and responsiveness. Each time we've approached them with a need or a challenge, their answer has always been, "Yes, it is possible." This can-do attitude has enabled us to tailor the software to meet our specific needs, enhancing our workflow for patients and improving office efficiency across the board...  
Sean, MedSpa IT manager

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By using HIPAAtizer for your MedSpa, you not only ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations but also elevate the patient experience through branded, accessible, and secure online forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HIPAAtizer certified as HIPAA-Compliant?
Yes, HIPAAtizer is certified by an independent auditor for HIPAA Compliance, ensuring that our platform meets the necessary security and privacy standards. The HIPAAtizer platform has all the necessary security protocols in place to ensure that our clients will always be managing data and information in a secure environment while using the application. In addition, we have  Business Associate Agreements in place with all of our Covered Entity clients to ensure full HIPAA Compliance.

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