HIPAAtizer for Developers

Whether you are enhancing a new or existing website, HIPAAtizer delivers a seamless, flexible, and worry-free HIPAA‑Compliant solution. Plus, there is no risk to get started!

Key Features for Developers

Free Sandbox Account
Fully-functional sandbox account allows you to securely create, edit, and test as many forms as you need.
All-in-One Free  WordPress Plugin
WordPress Plugin, HIPAAtizer dashboard, and Developer Account are all free to use, including the Contact Form 7 importer.
Custom HIPAA Printable Form Templates
Create and edit printable forms based on the forms currently in use by the practice.
Submit PDF or Word form to HIPAAtizer and it will be converted into an online HIPAA-Compliant form with a HIPAA-Compliant printable form based on the original design. One form for FREE during the trial period!
Style Grabber
Click Style Grabber to apply your existing website CSS styles to your new HIPAA-Compliant forms.
Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
Manage elements like fields, consents, e-signatures, and more in an easy-to-use form builder.
Insert via JavaScript Snippets
Add your HIPAA-Compliant to any website with one line of embeddable code.
Share Forms with Developers & Covered Entities
Share the form with other authorized users while remaining HIPAA-Compliant and protecting PHI information.
Hooks provided for integrating directly with HIPAAtizer via REST API connection.
Form Versioning
Track and review previous versions of your HIPAA-Compliant forms.
Use our pre-built, specialty specific templates to get started.
Transfer form templates between accounts
Save forms as templates for modification and reuse in other accounts.
Event driven synchronization with 3rd party applications via REST API calls.
BAA for Covered Entities
You are free to concentrate on web development, because HIPAAtizer maintains Business Associate Agreements directly with your practice providers (Covered Entities).
Accessibility Mode
WCAG compliance is in your HIPAAtizer dashboard, ensuring complete compliance with the WCAG 3.0 AAA Accessibility Standard.

Create a HIPAA-Compliant form in 3 easy steps

  •  Build your own forms with the included drag-and-drop form builder or using starting templates.
  •  Install the HIPAAtizer plugin to build and manage forms or convert your existing Contact Form 7 forms.
  •  Upload your existing Word or PDF form to let HIPAAtizer convert it for you. One form for FREE during the trial period!
Options to create free hipaa compliant form
Confirmation of successfully published hipaa compliant online form
Covered entity invitation and baa for hipaa compliant form

About the Plugin

The HIPAAtizer plugin means that you don't need to be a HIPAA expert to ensure your websites are compliant. HIPAA‑Compliant web forms so you can keep your clients satisfied.
HIPAAtizer enables HIPAA compliance  by adding secure Protected Health Information (PHI) forms to your website. All PHI is stored in secure vaults in the cloud. Create and customize forms and add them to your website using Gutenberg component, shortcode or embedded code, convert Contact Form 7 forms into HIPAA-Compliant online forms.
Wordpress hipaa plugin screen

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As a partner, you'll have access to a range of benefits, including:
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What Developers Say

MY CLIENT IS NOW HIPAA COMPLIANT WITHOUT LEAVING THE DASHBOARDAs developers, we've lost doctors and dentists to Athena and Dentrix because HIPAA is such a hassle. I'm hoping others install and rate so Cappers is motivated to keep improving, because this is the real deal. Cheap for the clients and free for me. This is NOT another security plugin. The forms are actually hosted on a separate HIPAA compliant ...  
April, 2022
AMAZING SUPPORT TEAM!I just wanted to compliment their support team. I sent the PDF doc to HIPAAtizer and they created a form, and its printable version for free. Thank you!April, 2022

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