The Online Form Solution That's Always HIPAA Compliant and Easy to Customize

Don't compromise on HIPAA Compliance or your form styles. HIPAAtizer lets you keep your forms and we will convert them to online forms for FREE!

Why HIPAAtizer?

HIPAAtizer converts your forms

No more struggling with over-engineered form builders! Health care providers and admin staff love that HIPAAtizer will do all the work! We can convert your existing forms to online, responsive, HIPAA-Compliant forms that are easy to customize and update as your needs change. Everything you have on paper or in PDF, we can move online and all our forms are mobile-ready.
A comparison of a traditional paper form and a HIPAA-Compliant online intake form, displayed on both desktop and mobile screens

Easy to Use and Seamless Integration

For doctors who prefer their traditional printable intake forms, HIPAAtizer offers a unique alternative. Unlike other HIPAA-Compliant alternatives that provide generic templates, HIPAAtizer allows for complete customization of any type of printable form. This means that doctors can continue to use their familiar PDF forms without having to adjust their processes. HIPAAtizer offers the best of both worlds - the security of HIPAA Compliance and the convenience of familiar forms.
An illustration of the preservation of the original paper form layout in the HIPAA-Compliant printable intake form

HIPAAtizer integrates with your CRM, EMR system

Automatically push data directly from your HIPAAtizer forms to your preferred CRM, EMR or EHR system. If you don't see your preferred system on our Integrations page, contact our tech team for a custom solution.
Schedule a Demo or Contact HIPAAtizer for a Custom Solution.
HIPAA Online Forms Integration with leading CRM and EMR systems

HIPAAtizer Meets and Exceeds all HIPAA Requirements

HIPAAtizer offers a secure and compliant solution for HIPAA-regulated data management. Designed to meet and exceed HIPAA requirements, HIPAAtizer has robust security and a user-friendly interface. Ideal for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other organizations subject to HIPAA regulations.
A depiction of an online form that adheres to HIPAA regulations

HIPAAtizer is Affordable

HIPAA regulations can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor for many organizations, especially when it comes to finding the right hosting solution that is both affordable and fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAAtizer offers a cost-effective and streamlined solution. By relying on HIPAAtizer, you can avoid the hassle and high costs associated with installing numerous plugins or finding an expensive HIPAA-Compliant hosting solution. Our platform is designed to make HIPAA Compliance affordable for everyone, giving you peace of mind and freeing up valuable resources that can be redirected towards growing your business.
Comparison of HIPAAtizer and building a hipaa compliant website

HIPAAtizer and HIPAA Compliance

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with HIPAA-Compliant forms, secured protected health information, original PDF submissions for your doctors, seamless integration with third-party systems, and the support of the HIPAAtizer team - all for just $29 per month! Don't compromise on security or convenience - choose HIPAAtizer for your healthcare practice.
Protected Health Information (PHI) must be encrypted at rest and in transit if your online forms are going to be fully HIPAA Compliant. Learn more about HIPAA Compliance & HIPAA requirements
To ensure full HIPAA Compliance, HIPAAtizer signs Business Associate Agreements with all of its Covered Entity clients giving you piece of mind when it comes to following the letter and spirit of the HIPAA Regulations.
Detailed Protected Health Information (PHI) access logs can be seen by Assigned Covered Entity users.
You can customize email notifications you want to receive in your form submissions.

What Doctors Say

HIPAATIZER HAS BEEN A GAME-CHANGER FOR ME AND MY TEAM!With HIPAAtizer, we no longer struggle with over-engineered form builders or worry about the security of our patient data. Their online form solution is easy to customize, HIPAA-Compliant, and integrates seamlessly with Dentrix. I love that we can keep our existing printable forms and that patients can fill out forms on mobile. Thanks to HIPAAtizer, we can focus on providing top-quality care to our patients without compromising on complianceDr. Stan

Want a HIPAA-Compliant online form?

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