HIPAAtizer Features

HIPAAtizer is your “always HIPAA-Compliant” secure form and online document solution, allowing you to keep the form styles you and your clients know and love, while maintaining online HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAA Compliance and Security

HIPAA Compliance
Protected Health Information (PHI) must be encrypted at rest and in transit if your online forms are going to be fully HIPAA Compliant. Learn more about HIPAA regulations and requirements
PHI Access Log
Detailed Protected Health Information (PHI) access logs can be seen by Assigned Covered Entity users.
2 Factor Authentication
There's no question you want as much security as possible for your PHI. Set up two-factor authentication today to reduce the risk of a breach of PHI.
Data Encryption
At HIPAAtizer, we use secure, FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption. You can also feel confident that all PHI data is securely backed-up and that all deletions are permanent. Data Encryption Details
DDOS Protection
Get peace of mind that all your HIPAA-Compliant online forms are safe and secure from distributed denial-of-service attacks.
High Availability
Are you concerned about downtime? Our HIPAA-Compliant form builder is backed up by AWS and designed with redundancy to minimize downtime.
Business Associate Agreement
To ensure full HIPAA Compliance, HIPAAtizer signs Business Associate Agreements with all of its Covered Entity clients giving you piece of mind when it comes to following the letter and spirit of the HIPAA Regulations.
Mask Submission Data in Notification Emails
HIPAAtizer helps you stay HIPAA Compliant by managing employee access to Protected Health Information (PHI) by masking and hiding PHI in form submissions.
Access Control for Your Team
Manage access to Protected Health Information (PHI) to help improve overall security. You can assign and unassign different users to control access to PHI within a Covered Entity's organization.
Redundant Hardened Architecture
HIPAAtizer offers the most stringent HIPAA network security possible with full HIPAA-Compliant hosting. Our forms are cloud-based, distributed and secure to ensure business continuity and protect against a HIPAA breach or data loss.
Platform Independent HIPAA Compliance
HIPAAtizer will convert and host your client's existing digital, PDF, paper or Word forms. These new HIPAA-Compliant versions can be linked to from outside sources or added to any website, regardless of the author, host, or how secure it is.
You have the ability to turn on ReCaptcha to help distinguish between humans and automated uses and protect yourself from spam and other types of abuse.

Create HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms

Convert PDF Form
Easily convert PDF or Word forms to online HIPAA-Compliant forms with HIPAAtizer. These new HIPAA-Compliant online, printable forms will be based on the original designs, so you don't lose time and money adapting to new forms.
Create a Form from Scratch
You can create a unique, custom form from scratch using our drag & drop HIPAA-Compliant form builder. The form builder comes with components and themes to allow you to create forms that meet all your needs.
Import Contact Form 7
Use Our Industry-Specific Templates
When you use the HIPAAtizer HIPAA-Compliant form builder, you'll have access to industry-specific templates to help streamline the process and make it go as smoothly as possible.
Use Form Versioning
Form versioning allows you to track and review previous versions of your HIPAA-Compliant forms, so you can see what you had and make changes on the go as you continue to build the form.
Free Sandbox Account
Sign up for a free sandbox account today to get started. With a free account, you can create unlimited HIPAA-Compliant forms and copy and share your forms with your team and clients.

Ready to Use Drag & Drop Components

30+ Components
You have access to convenient drag & drop components such as e-mail address, phone number, address, and more to use in every form.
QR Code
If you require a QR code in your HIPAA-Compliant form, all you have to do is type or paste the URL, and it will instantly be converted for you.
When you use HIPAAtizer for your HIPAA-Compliant online forms, you have the ability to sign your forms with your E-signature for added convenience.
File and Image Upload
HIPAAtizer supports file and image uploads if you need to upload pictures, documents to prove insurance coverage and/or identification.
Custom Presets
Having custom presets makes creating new forms easy for everyone. With HIPAAtizer, you can create your own form builder elements to reuse in your forms as needed.
Stripe and Paypal integrations in HIPAAtizer allow you to accept payments from your customers quickly and efficiently.

Style HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms

Visual Theme Editor
If you want to customize the look and feel of your HIPAA-Compliant form but don't have the necessary coding experience, our visual theme editor will do all the work for you.
Custom CSS Editor
You can customize the appearance and the layout of your form by adding CSS code in our custom CSS editor.
Style Grabber
If you have existing forms on your website that have a style you love, you can use our Style Grabber to pull them from your site and place them into your new HIPAA-Compliant form.

User Experience and Accessibility

Accessibility Widget for Forms
Your HIPAAtizer dashboard is completely WCAG compliant, which means all your forms will be compliant with the WCAG 3.0 AAA Accessibility Standard.
Responsive Form Viewer
If you're concerned about your forums looking great on a range of different devices, there is no need to be. Our responsive form viewer will make sure all your forms look great on every device.
Field Validations
You can use field-type presets or create your own input mask to validate user data.

Form Submission Management

Custom Printable Form Templates
Using HIPAAtizer, you can create printable form templates and receive submissions as PDFs in a form that exactly matches your paper forms.
Encrypted PDF Submissions
Send and receive form submissions in encrypted PDF format in your email attachments.
Encrypted CSV Submissions
HIPAAtizer allows you to download submissions in encrypted CSV format.
Email Notifications
You can customize email notifications you want to receive in your form submissions.

Share and Embed HIPAA-Compliant Online Form

WordPress HIPAA-Compliant Plugin with Gutenberg Component
You can use the WordPress Plugin, HIPAAtizer dashboard, Developer Account and Contact Form 7 importer, all for free.
JS Code Snippet
You can add your HIPAA-Compliant form to any website with just one line of embedded code.
Short Links
You can share and send your HIPAA-Compliant forms by copying short links.
QR Code
Share your HIPAA-Compliant forms with your customers using a QR code with a unique link.
Share Forms with Developers and Covered Entities
You can invite other developers to work on your HIPAA-Compliant forms and invite Covered Entities to review them.

Form Builder Special Features

Conditional Logic
You can dynamically customize your forms by using conditional logic questions, input fields and checklists.
Workflow Manager
Our efficient Workflow Manager allows you to link various forms together.
Multi-User Workflows
You can engage multiple users and request them to fill out your forms using HIPAAsign.
Save and Continue Later
If you run out of time or something comes up, you can save your progress and return to the same spot in the form at a later time.


Payment Gateways
You can accept payments from your customers using Stripe or PayPal.
A variety of systems support REST API integrations, including Hubspot, Salesforce, HighLevel, Freshsales, and more.
You can send requests to the REST API endpoints of other systems on form submissions.
You can pull form submission data to 3rd party systems and create forms, workflows, HIPAAsign templates and envelopes.
Data Export
Export data from HIPAAtizer in CSV format and import it into your EMR system.
EMR Systems
Send form submissions directly to health record systems supporting FHIR® standard.


One FREE Form
When you upload a PDF or Word form, we will convert it into a HIPAA-Compliant online form.
Integration with Third Party Systems
You can import patient information quickly and efficiently into your CRM and EMR with form submission integrations.
To help get started, our tech team will create special training for an Agency or Covered Entity team.
24/7 Tech Support for Partners
If you have a question or need support, submit a request to support@hipaatizer.com. Our response time is typically less than 24 hours.
HIPAA Seal of Compliance Verified