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Why Convert Paper Forms?

Filled in by hand Paper Form

Existing Paper Version

  •  Mis-spelled
  •  Difficult to read
  •  Labor intensive to input into your CRM
Digital medical forms and printable forms in pdf

Fillable, Printable Online Form

  •  Information neatly collected in an online form
  •  Patient can fill it out at home or in the office on a tablet
  •  The data is easy to transfer to a printable pdf, transfer via encrypted pdf to email and transfer directly to a CRM
  •  PDF printable form in the format that the practitioner needs
  •  All the information is already in convenient e-format

HIPAA‑Compliant Online Forms with Fully Customizable Encrypted Printable PDF Forms

Many practices find it difficult to convert their paper-based PDF forms to HIPAA‑Compliant online forms because most commercial form builders aren't flexible enough to allow the practice to fully replicate their existing forms. Medical professionals are adept at quickly reviewing their existing forms to find the necessary information. New forms result in lost time and focus on the form, instead of the patient.
According to Dr. Stan, our client “I don't want a fancy form builder that generates a confusing form with key information dispersed all over the place, I want MY forms.”
At the same, moving to online forms is key to driving office efficiencies and patients have come to expect that they can fill-out forms on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.
To solve this problem, we've developed HIPAAtizer. At HIPAAtizer.com, our form builder allows your patients to fill-out user friendly HIPAA‑Compliant web forms. Once the information is submitted, an encrypted pdf form with the patient's information is created. HIPAAtizer gives you the flexibility to keep the exact same formatting in these encrypted pdf forms as you are used to in your existing paper forms. Plus, the information is digital and can be securely transmitted to your CRM or office software.
Our team can assist you with the printable forms, send us a copy of the forms you'd like to digitalize and we can help you get started.
*HIPAAtizer will convert one form for free at any time! Additional forms are available based on the pricing package chosen. If you are a developer and need more than one form converted, reach out to us at support@hipaatizer.com.
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