HIPAA-Compliant WordPress forms Without the Headaches

Free HIPAAtizer WordPress Plugin + Free form conversions, HIPAAtizer is the easiest way to make your forms and websites HIPAA Compliant.

Web developer using HIPAA-Compliant forms on WordPress

With HIPAAtizer you can

  • Focus on building a beautiful WordPress website and we’ll take care of the HIPAA Compliance.
  • Create forms in minutes with HIPAAtizer. Choose from our library of form templates, import your existing Contact Form 7 or other web forms, or start from scratch with our no-code form builder.
  • Host your website on any provider of your choice and still maintain HIPAA Compliance.
  • Embed forms into your website using our Gutenberg component or shortcode.
  • Map form submissions into printable PDF files in a doctor’s preferred layout. Our team can do this for you!
HIPAA-Compliant Form with Key Features for WordPress

Developers Rave About HIPAAtizer –
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I used HIPAAtizer’s free form conversion service to convert my client’s complex intake form. In one step, we got back an online responsive HIPAA compliant form with digital and printable form submissions. They literally saved me days of work!



I just wanted to compliment their support team. I sent the PDF doc to HIPAAtizer and they created a form, and its printable version for free. Thank you!



As developers, we’ve lost doctors and dentists to Athena and Dentrix because HIPAA is such a hassle. I’m hoping others install and rate so Cappers is motivated to keep improving, because this is the real deal. Cheap for the clients and free for me. This is NOT another security plugin. The forms are actually hosted on a separate HIPAA compliant cloud server and you include them via shortcode, snippet, or link. The drag-and-drop form creator (not a Gravity Forms addon) has all field types. For my first form, I used a dental template out-of-the-box with no changes. The doctor wanted printable pdfs, so we used the Word templates with tags. Cool feature. (Spacing can be a hassle. And make sure you re-publish after updates so you don’t pull the wrong variables!) Plugin walked me through creating my free developer account right from the dashboard without kicking me off the dentist’s site. Kudos, Cappers, keep it up.


Get Started with HIPAAtizer for WordPress

Create a free sandbox account with HIPAAtizer. Then, download the HIPAA WordPress Plugin from the plugin repository and log in with your account.

Register for HIPAA-Compliant Web Forms with HIPAAtizer
Add HIPAA-Compliant Forms to Your WordPress Site with HIPAAtizer Gutenberg Component

Create your forms and configure your settings. Then, copy and paste the shortcode for your form into the appropriate page or use our Gutenberg component.

Need more detailed instructions?

See How to Add  HIPAA-Compliant Forms to Your WordPress Website.

Streamline Your Form Creation with the HIPAAtizer Form Builder

The HIPAAtizer form builder is a powerful tool for creating custom forms that meet HIPAA compliance standards. With the form builder, you can easily customize the look and feel of your forms to match your brand.

Here are some of the key features of the HIPAAtizer form builder:

  • Drag-and-drop form builder with 30+ ready-to-use components commonly used in medical forms.
  • Create HIPAA-Compliant WordPress forms without coding.
  • Implement conditional logic to customize form behavior based on user input.
  • Payment integration with PayPal and Stripe.
  • Grab styles from web forms and import existing Contact Form 7 and HTML forms.
  • Define custom print form templates in MS-Word or PDF.
  • Streamline your form creation process and collect patient data more efficiently and securely.

See Sample Form created with HIPAAtizer

Try the sample form and see the submission example.

Example of HIPAA-Compliant Online and Printable Form

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As a partner, you’ll have access to a range of benefits, including:

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The Benefits of HIPAAtizer

HIPAAtizer offers several advantages when compared to other form builder plugins on the market.


HIPAAtizer was designed specifically  for developers  who need to make sure their websites are compliant with HIPAA regulations while still providing users with a convenient way to submit information securely.


HIPAAtizer features an intuitive interface that allows developers to quickly and easily create custom forms without needing any coding knowledge or expertise.


The HIPAAtizer team can help developers convert Word or PDF forms into online forms for free. Go To Form Conversion page


HIPAAtizer integrates seamlessly with popular payment gateway services like Stripe and PayPal, allowing users to easily process payments directly through their form submissions.


HIPAAtizer includes features such as data encryption and secure file uploads so that sensitive patient data remains safe at all times according to HIPAA rules.


Adding WordPress HIPAA-Compliant forms to your website doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming thanks to the  HIPAAtizer plugin  from hipaatizer.com. Our plugin provides developers with an easy way to create custom forms without any coding knowledge or expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress HIPAA-Compliant?

In general, WordPress is not an inherently HIPAA-Compliant platform. In fact, it is not necessary to make the whole healthcare related website HIPAA Compliant. The only part that needs to be compliant is the components that collect and transmit Protected Health Information. In general, this usually relates to online forms for patients. Because of WordPress’s open source nature and flexibility, online forms can be made compliant with the right combination of plugins and add-ons. One such plugin is HIPAAtizer from hipaatizer.com. This plugin provides developers with an easy way to create and embed HIPAA-Сompliant WordPress form into their sites. There is no need to build a HIPAA-Compliant website from scratch or use expensive HIPAA-hosting. Download  HIPAAtizer plugin  from the WordPress Store and use it with Gutenberg component or a short code.

Have questions or feedback about HIPAAtizer?

Have questions or feedback about HIPAAtizer? We’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us or email us directly at support@hipaatizer.com.

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