HIPAA-Compliant TherapyNotes Forms from HIPAAtizer

Are you using TherapyNotes and looking for an integrated forms solution that is HIPAA Compliant AND pushes form data directly to TherapyNotes? HIPAAtizer has the solution!

Hipaatizer And Therapynotes

A unique, one of a kind, customized Chrome Extension tool for TherapyNotes

No more paper forms. No more labor intensive data transfer.

Move your data collection online with HIPAAtizer’s state of the art forms with popular features including assessment summing and conditional logic. With the HIPAAtizer-TherapyNotes forms integration, you can now transfer form data directly to your TherapyNotes account.

Form Features

Do you have customized intake forms?

No problem! The HIPAAtizer team will convert and integrate the forms with TherapyNotes for free with a paid plan!

Need additional online forms and assessments for TherapyNotes?

With HIPAAtizer, you have access to ready to use templates such as PHQ-9, GAD-7, AUDIT, PHQ-15, and ORT. All forms, including TherapyNotes forms, are responsive and iPad-friendly. Patients can safely and securely fill-out TherapyNotes ready forms at home or at your office prior to the appointment.

Ipad With Phq-15 Test

How It Works

Sign Up to HIPAAtizer and start your free 30-day trial. During the trial period, we’ll convert one form for free! So, either upload a form or build your own with our drag-and-drop form builder.

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Integration With Therapy Notes

Once you have a form, Follow these instructions to integrate the form with TherapyNotes via Chrome Extension. That’s all!

HIPAAtizer-TherapyNotes Integration Features

At HIPAAtizer, we understand that every healthcare practice has its own unique information needs. The HIPAAtizer-TherapyNotes integration gives you a number of benefits:


HIPAAtizer will convert your existing forms to fully online, responsive forms that map directly to your existing PDF forms AND, most importantly, push the necessary data to your TherapyNotes account.


With HIPAAtizer’s form builder, you’re not confined to a limited set of components. Therapists love our file upload components to collect copies of insurance cards, ID documents and previous assessments. You can also safely add payment options with our built-in Stripe and PayPal integrations.


HIPAAtizer offers diverse styling options. You can style your forms using CSS to perfectly match the aesthetic of your website. Moreover, HIPAAtizer forms can be published on any webpage, without the need for HIPAA-compliant hosting, providing flexibility and ease of access.


Tired of adding up scores from long psychosocial assessments? With HIPAAtizer, you save time and energy by automatically getting assessment scores mapped to printable forms and pushed to your TherapyNotes account.


Link intake and HIPAA release forms together, add in PHQ-9 and other assessments to ensure a smooth and cohesive user experience, enhancing patient engagement and streamlining your practice’s operations. Need a complex workflow? Schedule a call to get a quote.


Share specific form submission data with third-party systems like CRMs. This capability ensures that patient information flows smoothly between various platforms, enhancing efficiency and data accuracy.


With the ability to collect UTM tags, you can track the effectiveness of your ads and understand your marketing conversions better. This feature is invaluable for practices looking to optimize their digital marketing strategies.

Customize, integrate, and optimize your patient forms to meet the evolving needs of your practice.

Need help setting up an integration with TherapyNotes?

Our team is here to assist, contact us to schedule a call! We can help build the form and ensure it’s integrated with TherapyNotes.