Here are some step-by-step instructions for integrating HIPAAtizer with TherapyNotes using our Chrome Extension. The extension is designed to facilitate the import of form submission data directly into TherapyNotes’ Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. It enables the creation of new patient profiles and the attachment of PDF intake forms to the Documents section of patient files in TherapyNotes.

1. Configure Form Settings in HIPAAtizer:

   – Navigate to the My Forms page.

  – Select the specific form you wish to integrate and click on its Form Settings.

2. Enable TherapyNotes Integration:

   – Click on the Integrations tab on the left to display all the integrations, then choose TherapyNotes.

  – Activate the integration by checking the Enable box. This will reveal form fields for configuration.

3. Match Form Fields:

   – Match each field’s “Unique Name” from your HIPAAtizer form with the corresponding unique identifier in TherapyNotes.

   – Save your configuration changes to apply the TherapyNotes integration settings.

4. Install HIPAAtizer for TherapyNotes Extension:

   – Install the HIPAAtizer for TherapyNotes Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store

   – Log in to the HIPAAtizer Chrome Extension using your HIPAAtizer account credentials.

5. Form Sharing and Test Submission:

   – To test the extension’s functionality or to start using a live form, click on Embed Form to get a shareable link, QR Code or other embed option.

6. Import Data into TherapyNotes:

   – Access your TherapyNotes account.

   – Ensure the HIPAAtizer extension icon is green in your Chrome browser.

   – Navigate to the Patients page.

 – Click on the “+ New Patient” button.

– Click on the “Import from HIPAAtizer” button.

7. Select Form Submission and Initiate Import:

   – Choose the relevant form submission for importing data.

   – Click the Import button to begin the data import process.

– Allow time for the import to complete successfully.

8. Review and Save:

   – Check the imported data and click “Save New Patient.”

9. Access Printable Form Template:

   – Go to the Documents tab, where the printable form template will be available.

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