Beyond Health Care: How the HIPAAtizer platform helped automate the Private School Admission Process

Managing applications for a private school is a multi-step process. It starts with an initial application form,collection of Parents/Guardians’ contact information and subsequent entry into the waitlist or application queue. Next, after initial processing at the school, there is a multi-page application, that covers the child’s family, education and health information, including sensitive health information, that is essential for school admission. After acceptance additional steps include the secure signing of the contract and Payment processing. Once the student is admitted, all necessary consents, sign-ups and miscellaneous payments need to be managed, ideally in one application.

To meet this challenge, the Cappers team used the award-winning HIPAAtizer platform. All the necessary steps were incorporated into a linked workflow of online forms and documents to fully automate the process. The flexibility and user-friendliness of the HIPAAtizer platform allows the school’s admissions and admin teams to edit and adjust steps as new processes are incorporated. The client specifically wanted a system that they could tweak and add new functionalities to as the requirements expanded.

While the initial implementation covered the application process, the admin team couldn’t wait to automate consent forms! The time and energy spent chasing parents with paper forms and reminders consumed a full-time employee’s time. With HIPAAtizer, consents were emailed, filled-in electronically and the system generated automatic reminders leading up to the event. Turnaround time for consent forms, especially those that parents could sign directly on their phones, significantly decreased, not to mention the cost of chasing students and parents for the documents!

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