HIPAAtizer Shines at Collision Conf 2024 with AI-Based Form Converter

HIPAAtizer showcased its AI-based form converter at Collision Conference 2024, transforming paper and PDF forms into HIPAA-Compliant web forms. The event featured over 500 exhibitors, highlighting cutting-edge healthtech innovations. HIPAAtizer’s participation emphasized its commitment to advancing healthcare technology and fostering future collaborations.

We Were Part of Collision Conferece 2024 – Here’s What Happened…

We are happy to share that HIPAAtizer had the opportunity to be part of Collision Conference 2024! 

This major tech conference is always a highlight of the year The HIPAAtizer team really enjoyed sharing our AI advances and learning from thousands of startups, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from around the world. With over 500 exhibitors showing off their cool new tech, the energy was amazing, and the ideas shared were truly inspiring.

Our Big Moments at PS 604

At our booth, PS 604, we showed-off new SaaS technology – our AI-based HIPAA form converter. This tool makes turbocharges the creation of healthcare paperwork by turning everyday paper patient and PDF intake forms into HIPAA-Compliant web forms with just a few clicks. It saves developers and admin staff tons of time when they convert their existing paper and PDF forms to online, HIPAA-Compliant webforms.. 

We also had the chance to interact with innovative startups from across North America. Sharing our ideas and hearing theirs was inspiring and set the stage for future collaborations and innovations. It was great  to see our name on Collision Live and the Featured Startups page. 

What’s Collision Conference All About?

Collision Conference is a tech lover’s dream event. This year covered everything from healthtech (which is our speciality) to fintech, sustainability, and more. Healthtech was a big focus, with lots of talks on using AI in healthcare, new ways of doing telemedicine, and keeping patient data private. The discussions about AI were super exciting, showing how it’s making patient care and medical research better. Telemedicine talks were all about making healthcare more accessible and efficient, which is super important these days. If you want to see all the sessions and speakers, check out the lineup

Being at Collision Conference was an incredible experience for us. The energy, the ideas, and the people we met left us feeling inspired about the future of healthtech. We are looking forward to taking what we learned back to our work at HIPAAtizer and pushing the limits in healthcare technology.

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