Here are detailed steps for integrating HIPAAtizer with Practice Fusion using the HIPAAtizer Chrome Extension. This process allows direct import of form submission data into Practice Fusion’s Electronic Health Records system, facilitating the creation of new patient profiles and attachment of PDF intake forms.

With HIPAAtizer, you can create Patient Intake Forms, tests and Questionnaires for your practice and integrate them with Practice Fusion. This integration enhances the management of patient intake forms on Practice Fusion, maintaining HIPAA Compliance throughout the process.

Starting from your HIPAAtizer dashboard, follow the steps below.

  1. Configure a form’s settings in HIPAAtizer:

1.1 Navigate to the My Forms page.

1.2 Select the specific form you wish to integrate and click on its Form Settings

2. Enable the integration for the chosen form with Practice Fusion:

2.1 Click on the Integrations tab on the left to display all the integrations, then choose Practice Fusion.

2.2 Activate the integration by checking the Enable box. This will reveal form fields for configuration

3. Link the HIPAAtizer Form’s Fields to the Practice Fusion Patient Chart Fields:

3.1 When linking the HIPAAtizer form’s fields to the fields in the Patient Chart in Practice Fusion, please note that some fields are required and some are optional . The required fields are “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Sex”, “Date of Birth”, “Mobile” and “Email”.  The other fields are optional.

Important! When building a form in HIPAAtizer, you must use the specific component (i.e. text field for a name, email component for emails, phone number component for phone numbers, etc. to ensure that the data is integrated correctly with the Practice Fusion Patient Chart).

 3.2 Save your configuration changes to apply the Practice Fusion integration settings.

4. Install the HIPAAtizer for Practice Fusion Extension:

4.1 Install the HIPAAtizer for Practice Fusion Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store

4.2 Pin the Extension

  • Click on the Extensions icon (puzzle piece) in the top-right corner of your browser.
  • Find the HIPAAtizer extension and click the pin icon to pin it to your browser’s toolbar.

4.3 Log In

  • Click on the HIPAAtizer icon in your browser’s toolbar.
  • Log in using your HIPAAtizer account credentials.

5. Form Sharing and Test Submission:

To test the extension’s functionality or to start using a live form, click on Embed Form to get a shareable link, QR Code or other embed option.

5.1  Fill-out the test form and create a form submission.

6. Importing Data into Practice Fusion:

6.1 Access your Practice Fusion account.

6.2 Verify the HIPAAtizer Extension Status

  • Check the HIPAAtizer extension icon in your Chrome browser toolbar.
    • Green Icon: The extension is active.
    • Red Icon: The extension is inactive.

6.3 Activate the Extension (if necessary)

  • If the icon is red, click on the HIPAAtizer extension icon.
  • Log in to your HIPAAtizer dashboard to activate the extension (refer to step 4.3).

6.4  Navigate to the Charts page.

6.5 Click on the “Add Patient” button.

6.6 Click on the “Import from HIPAAtizer” button.

7. Select Form Submission and Initiate Import:

7.1 Choose the relevant form submission for importing data. To filter out already imported patients, use the “Show Unimported Patients Only” checkbox. You can also search for patient demographics.

7.2 Click the Import button to begin the data import process.

7.3 Allow time for the import to complete successfully.

8. Review and Save:

 Check the imported data and click “Save”

9. Access Printable Form Template:

After saving the imported data, a printable form template will be available to print or download.


  1. Extension Status Error:
    • Cause: The HIPAAtizer extension icon appears red in the browser toolbar.
    • Fix: Log in to your HIPAAtizer dashboard to activate the extension (refer to step 4.3 in the instruction).
  2. Import Error:
    • Cause: Data import into Practice Fusion fails.
    • Fix: Ensure that the selected form submission is compatible with Practice Fusion’s import requirements, and allow sufficient time for the import process to complete successfully.
  3. Form Field Mapping Error:
    • Cause: Incorrect mapping of form fields with Practice Fusion patient chart fields.
    • Fix: Review the field mapping settings in HIPAAtizer and ensure that each form field type matches the corresponding Practice Fusion field type accurately. (where are the field mapping settings in HIPAAtizer located?)
  4. Extension Compatibility Error:
    • Cause: Incompatibility issues between the HIPAAtizer extension and the browser.
    • Fix: Verify that you are using a compatible browser version and try reinstalling the HIPAAtizer extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  5. Data Display Error:
    • Cause: Imported data in Practice Fusion appears incorrectly formatted or incomplete.
    • Fix: Double-check the data formatting in the original form submission and ensure that all necessary fields are accurately captured and imported into Practice Fusion.
  6. Printable Form Template Error:
    • Cause: Inability to access the printable form template after importing data.
    • Fix: Refresh the page in Practice Fusion or log out and log back in to the system to ensure that the imported data and associated printable form template are displayed correctly.

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