Instruction for Adding Locations and Controlling Access to Different Locations

Setting Up Your Locations

This can only be done by the Account Owner or Security Officer.

Step 1: From the HIPAAtizer dashboard, click on “My Profile”.

Step 2:  Click on Locations, as per the screen shot below.

Step 3:  If necessary, edit the name of your existing location to avoid confusion with the new location.  If it’s already an acceptable name, go to the next step.

Step 4: To create a new location (or department with different access rights), click on “Add Location”:

Step 5: When the modal window opens, add the necessary information to create a new location and click “Create” at the bottom:

Now that the new location has been created, you need to set the access parameters for your users.

Access Parameters for Individual Users

Step 1:   From the HIPAAtizer dashboard, go to (1) Team, for maximum access rights for your team member, click on (2) Security Officers, then (3) Invite User.  (Of course, if you want to limit functionality and access, click on “Assistants” for point (2). The limits and the functionality that they have access to is visible when you click on “Security Officers” or “Assistants”.)

Step 2:  Fill-in the information in the modal window below.  Pay special attention to the Locations field below. ***As a default, all forms and all team members have access to all locations.  When you create a new location, you must assign each form to a location and each Team Member’s profile needs to be adjusted their access.  See the next steps on how to do this.

Step 3a:  Forms:  Assigning a “Location” to a form.

From the My Forms dashboard, under “Actions” click on “Move to Location”.  See screenshot below.

Step 3b:  Forms-Assigning a “Location” to a form.

When the modal window opens, choose one location or all, if the form should be accessible for everyone at all “Locations”.

Step 4a:  Assigning Team Members to a Location

Each Team Member has to have their Location assigned, as the default is access to all locations.  To start this process, go to the Teams dashboard and click on edit (red box in screenshot).

Step 4b:  In the modal window, click on (1) Locations then (2) to which Location you would like to assign the Team Member and press “Save”.  Remember to do this for all Team Members!

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