HIPAAtizer-The HIPAA-Compliant Wix Form Builder

Yes!! You can make your forms HIPAA-Compliant on any Wix website!

HIPAAtizer And Wix

How to make your Wix Website HIPAA-Compliant:

Send us your form for conversion. Or, build your own form with our HIPAA-Compliant Wix form builder.

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Wix Integration

Send us your form for conversion. Or, build your own form with our HIPAA-Compliant Wix form builder.

To activate your Wix website’s HIPAA Compliance, invite your health care client to HIPAAtizer.

With our HIPAA-Compliant forms on your Wix website, you can rest assured that with HIPAAtizer’s HIPAA certification and our security protocols, your Wix website will be HIPAA-Compliant.

HIPAA Compliant Form

Have a form that you want to convert into a HIPAA-Compliant online form and add it to your Wix website?

Upload it to our conversion service. One form is always free.

HIPAAtizer Features Include:


Easily include an upload documents option within the form, ensuring all relevant information is gathered seamlessly.


Securely capture electronic signatures on your forms, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations for sensitive healthcare information.


Create dynamic forms that adapt based on user responses, tailoring the user experience and collecting precisely the data you need.


Elevate user engagement by seamlessly integrating videos into your online forms. Whether it’s educational content or instructional videos, enhance the overall user experience.


Ensure a cohesive brand identity by customizing the appearance of your forms. With HIPAAtizer, tailor the look and feel to align seamlessly with your brand’s visual identity.


Streamline payment collection with ease by incorporating Stripe or PayPal components into your online forms. Offer patients a secure and convenient payment experience.

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