Simple and Affordable HIPAA-Compliant Forms for IT Service Providers

HIPAAtizer is your HIPAA-Compliant form solution, offering unique partner programs for IT Service Providers and best-in-class customer service. Your clients will love how our HIPAA-Compliant form builder replicates their forms, and you'll love that we do all the work!

Form Conversion and Integration Services

Here's what HIPAAtizer can do for you:


  • Converts your clients' Word or PDF HIPAA forms to online HIPAA-Compliant forms.
  • Converts your forms from other form builders into fully HIPAA-Compliant web forms.
  • Assists you in creating printable forms for your clients keeping the original design and formats of the forms that they already use.
  • Allows you to create mobile-friendly HIPAA forms for your clients' patients.
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Integrates HIPAA-Compliant forms with your clients' CRM, EMR, RXI and other third-party services.
HIPAA Online Forms Integration with leading CRM and EMR systems

Why IT Service Providers Love HIPAAtizer

If you're like most IT Service Providers, you want to focus on the things you do best and leave compliance issues to the experts. When it comes to HIPAA-Compliant online forms, HIPAAtizer gives you the peace of mind you need with the ability to maintain full client control with our white label options.
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Install the HIPAAtizer plugin  from the WordPress store, build or convert existing forms and test form functionality for free! The HIPAAtizer free sandbox account allows you to customize and test your forms before they go live and fully HIPAA Compliant on your clients' websites.
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Avoid paying per-seat and per-form licensing fees. Use optional centralized billing and per-location licensing to add HIPAAtizer to your IT support service agreements.
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Once you sign up, you're automatically eligible for a 20% commission or partner discount for each Covered Entity (your HIPAA regulated client) you refer. As your relationship with HIPAAtizer grows, you can benefit from additional commissions or partner discounts of up to 50%.
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HIPAA-Compliant Protected Health Information (PHI) management and access controls with a user-friendly interface allows your clients' HIPAA Certified staff to quickly and efficiently manage form submissions.
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For clients with multiple locations, HIPAAtizer allows a phased rollout for business continuity.
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Receive one itemized invoice regardless of the number of Covered Entities you service, with location-based (not user-based) billing for easy scalability.

Your HIPAA Forms, Your Way!

Our experience shows that your clients don't want “our” HIPAA forms. They want “their” HIPAA forms. To help you and your clients out, our system can fully reproduce their existing HIPAA-Compliant forms in online and printable versions.
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Are my online web forms HIPAA-Compliant?

It's not your job to design intake forms or to try and figure out HIPAA. When your next medical client asks you to extend their HIPAA compliance to their online presence, let HIPAAtizer do the heavy lifting! Here's what you can expect:
  • HIPAA form solutions engineered from the ground up
  • HIPAA forms that follow HIPAA regulations to the letter
  • Forms that meet the most stringent HIPAA network security requirements
  • Forms that protect your existing infrastructure and business practices
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We know the gravity of a HIPAA violation, which is why HIPAAtizer takes all the guesswork out of the equation to provide you with the HIPAA-Compliant forms you need for your clients.

At HIPAAtizer, we know that the client relationship is more important than any other, and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Call (855) 240-0777 to speak with us or contact us via

Become a HIPAAtizer Partner

Partner with HIPAAtizer to help your clients maintain HIPAA Compliance without sacrificing your own time and resources.
  • Create custom HIPAA-Compliant forms and publish them with a link or add them to any website.
  • Use HIPAAtizer's free for partners services to build custom forms, convert PDFs, and create printable templates.
  • Integrate with various EMR & EHR systems.
  • Safeguard your team from handling sensitive Personal Health Information and earn commissions with each new client you refer to
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