Turnkey HIPAA-Compliant Forms for Marketing Agencies

Your healthcare clients asking you to put forms online? Don't let a request to extend your client's HIPAA Compliance end up extending your agency's liability. Instead, deliver HIPAA Compliant Online Forms while protecting your hard-earned business relationships.

How HIPAAtizer Can Help You

Make Your Beautiful Bespoke Sites HIPAA Compliant

Your medical clients love the beauty and functionality of the sites you've built for them. BUT, they also need HIPAA-Compliant forms. HIPAAtizer was created to give YOU the tools to keep your clients and their websites HIPAA Compliant!
Make Your Beautiful Bespoke Sites HIPAA Compliant

Easy to Use and Seamless Integration

HIPAAtizer's form builder and forms can easily reproduce your clients' forms. They don't want some form builder's forms, they want their forms. Do it yourself with our intuitive system, supported by our educational videos and resources. Or, reach out to us and we'll help you faithfully recreate, in a fully online and HIPAA-Compliant manner, your clients' forms.

How It Works

Create a free HIPAAtizer developer account.  (You will be prompted to do so if you install the WordPress plugin.)
HIPAAtizer application screen. Features for Developer and Covered Entity
Build and customize forms using practice-specific templates or create your own with the built-in drag-and-drop form builder. Alternatively, convert existing Contact Form 7 forms. Need help? Submit Word or PDF files and HIPAAtizer will convert them for you.
HIPAA-Complaint Drag & Drop form builder dashboard
Add your HIPAAtizer forms to your website using snippets, WordPress Gutenberg component, or shortcode.
HIPAA plugin for Wordpress - Gutenberg
HIPAA-regulated clients can receive form submissions via email with encrypted and password-protected PDF files, via Covered Entity dashboard, and via direct connection to EMR software using the HIPAA-Compliant RESTful API.
How It Works
Users can access the dashboard to view audit logs and form submissions, continually update form fields, adjust styles, and more.
Screen for Covered Entity to check patients' submissions

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Do you use WordPress? Search WordPress plugins for HIPAAtizer or click here to download the plugin from WordPress.org. The plugin will walk you through setting up your free developer account and get you started with form creation and/or conversion


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