Integrate your HIPAAtizer forms with Pipedrive to automatically create contacts upon form submission.

Keep in mind that Pipedrive is not HIPAA-compliant, so avoid sending fields containing PHI to your CRM. By default, HIPAAtizer creates a custom field in the Contacts module called ‘HIPAAtizer-Submission-PDF’ to access the form submission printable form in HIPAAtizer from your Pipedrive dashboard.

You can also create your own custom fields in Pipedrive to store links to form submissions in CSV or HTML format. Learn more about creating custom fields here:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Ensure that you have a published form in HIPAAtizer.

2. Go to “My Forms” in HIPAAtizer and click on “Form Settings” for the form you want to integrate.

3. Navigate to “Integrations” -> “Pipedrive.”

4. Enter your Pipedrive API token to authenticate your account. Follow these instructions to obtain your token:

5. After successful authentication, you will see a confirmation message.

6. Check the box for “Automatically create a contact in your Pipedrive account when the form is submitted.”

7. Match your HIPAAtizer form fields with the corresponding fields in your Pipedrive Contact module, ensuring that no fields contain PHI.

8. Match the HIPAAtizer-Submission-PDF custom field in Pipedrive with the link to the form submission printable form.

9. Ensure that the Contact’s Name field in Pipedrive is matched with the corresponding field in your HIPAAtizer form. You can add other fields from your form and match them with Pipedrive’s Contact module.

10. Click “Save” to finalize your settings.

Testing the Integration:

  1. Submit a test entry using the HIPAAtizer form.

2. Go to “Form Settings” -> “Integrations” -> “Pipedrive” and expand the “Pipedrive Logs” section at the bottom. Check for a record with Status 201.

3. Log into your Pipedrive account and search for the newly created contact.

With these steps, you have successfully set up the Pipedrive integration with your HIPAAtizer form, allowing you to automatically create contacts in Pipedrive upon form submission.

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