Step 1. To enable “Save and Continue Later” button, open the Form Settings:

Setting up secure and free HIPAA-compliant online forms

Step 2. Go to “Advanced Form Settings” and tick the checkbox “Save and Continue Later” “Save”:

Option to save and resume progress on free HIPAA-compliant online forms

Step 3. You can change the Button name and color:

Customizing the button on free HIPAA-compliant online forms for a personalized experience

See how it works

Step 4. Save the settings and publish the Form. A new button, “Save and Continue Later” will be displayed under the “Submit” button:

Example of a button on a free HIPAA-compliant online form

Please note, that the “Save and Continue Later” button will only be displayed in the published version of the form, and is not displayed in preview mode.

Step 5. If a user decides to partially complete a form, they should click on the “Save and Continue Later” button. Then, a modal window appears, prompting the user to enter their email address and a 4-digit code to access the form later. The user may also choose to enter a hint to help them remember the code (this is optional).

Saving progress on free HIPAA-compliant online forms with email, code and hint fields
Displaying a confirmation message after submitting a free HIPAA-compliant online form

Step 6. The next email that is sent to the user’s email contains the link to the partially completed form.

Receiving an email with a link to access a free HIPAA-compliant online form

By clicking on the link the form will reopen and user will be prompted to enter the unique 4-digit code that they created earlier. If the user created a hint for their code, it will be displayed above the “Code” field to assist them in remembering the unique 4-digit code they created earlier. Aftet that the user can continue filling out the form from where they left off.

The option “Save and Continue Later” can be used as many times as necessary.

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