If you need to adjust success pages, submission recipients, the style or content of email notifications and other settings that are unique to each form you will find the necessary information below:

First, go to a form’s Form Settings.  See screenshot below, from the (1) My Forms dashboard, click on (2) Form Settings.

Form Settings Options Include:

1) Submission Recipients.  Amending those Team members who are recipients of submissions for a particular form.  On this screen, your Team members are listed.  To add a recipient, if they aren’t already a recipient, click on the checkbox under the Column “Submission Recipient”.  Similarly, if you wish to remove them as a recipient, click on this box to delete the checkmark in the box.

Please note:  each form has its own list of recipients, if you have multiple forms and want to adjust who receives the notifications for each form, you must edit each individual form.

2) Advance Form Settings.  In this section you can set different functionalities (Save & Continue Later, Recaptcha, Confirmation Page and others).  See below for the layout of this page.

3) Success Page.  You can customize what the clients see when they submit the form.  You can (1) choose to display a success page or choose a redirect, (2) allow the client, the form submitter, to immediately download a copy of their submission and (3) have HIPAAtizer forward a PDF copy of the submission to the client/submitter.

4) Printable Form. Under this section you can add (1) a custom printable template by (2) uploading a file.  (Hint:  if you need help mapping the form fields to the fields in the template, send us (support@hipaatizer.com) the form and we’ll do it for you, for free!)  In this section you can also (3) customize the name of the submission document.

5) Email Notifications.  In this section you (1) can customize the subject of the message that will notify internal users of a new submission.  As well, (2) you can customize the body of the message.  There is also, at the bottom of this section, the option (3) of attaching a PDF version of the submission to the email.

6) Accessibility Mode.  In this section you can (1) enable (or disable) Accessibility Mode.  As a default, it is always enabled.

7) Integrations.  You or your developer can increase the efficiency of your work by using our ready-made integrations.  If you need an integration for an application that isn’t shown, our development team might be able to help.  Just reach out at support@hipaatizer.com

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