Step 1. Create a Product: Head to your Stripe Dashboard and create a product here. Assign it a price, and make sure to save the Price API ID (usually starts with price_XXXXXXXXXX), as you’ll need it later.

Step 2. Retrieve Publishable Key: Obtain your Publishable key from your Stripe Dashboard here.

Srep 3. Enable Client-Only Integration: In your Stripe Checkout Settings here, enable CLIENT-ONLY INTEGRATION.

Step 4. Add Domains: Make sure to add to the Domains list in the Client-Only Integration settings.

Step 5. Integrate with HIPAAtizer Form: Lastly, navigate to the HIPAAtizer form builder, add the Stripe component to your form. Fill out the Stripe Key field with your Publishable key from step 2 and the Price ID field with the ID from step 1.

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