Managing Your HIPAAtizer Inbox and Submissions Dashboard:  Adding Additional Information and/or Columns and Hints on Sorting and Searching for Submissions

In HIPAAtizer, you can see submissions in two locations.  The first is a centralized Inbox where all the submissions can be viewed.  The second is in the Submissions Dashboard for each individual form.

PLEASE NOTE:  Changing settings on what information may or may not be displayed in the Inbox or the Submissions Dashboard can only be made by the account owner (the registered Covered Entity) and the Security Officers, not by team members with “Assistant” credentials.

Inbox Page

On the Inbox page, you can manage submissions using the Submission Identifier. This feature enables you to retrieve, sort, and filter submissions in your Inbox. By default, it includes the form name and submission date and time (see a screenshot of the default “Submission Identifiers” below).

To customize the Submission Identifier, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the My Forms page.

Step 2. Choose the form whose “Submission Identifiers” you want to change and click on the “Form Settings” icon.

Step 3. Go to the “Advanced Form Settings” tab -> Submission Identifier.

Step 4. (1) Input the information from the form you want to display, or (2) click on the “Add Form Fields or Variables” button to select form fields or variables similar to typical search queries, such as “last name”, “date of birth”, etc…

Step 5. If a form already has submissions, you can add or delete submission identifiers for the existing submissions by clicking on the “Apply to Existing Submissions” button. Please note: this feature is available only once every 24 hours.

Step 6. Click on the “Save” button in the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Step 7. Go to the Inbox page.

Step 8. See the updated submission identifier information in the “Submission Identifier” column.

Submissions Dashboard

Step 1: Go to your My Forms Dashboard.

Step 2: Choose a Form

Choose the Form (1) you would like to add additional information to in the respective form’s “Submissions” dashboard by clicking on (2) #(View Details). In this example, we want to adjust the Submissions dashboard for the form titled “New Patient Form”:

Step 3: Choose the Field(s) to be displayed

Click on the “Select Fields to Display” button and select the fields whose data you would like to decrypt and make available in the Submissions Dashboard. 

Please note, in a longer form, all the fields from the form will be displayed. Therefore, you may need to scroll to find the desired field(s).

Don’t forget to save your choices!

Step 4: Next, click on the “Manage Additional Columns” field to add or delete new columns that you chose in Step 3.

Step 5: Result of Adding Columns

From the screenshot below, you can see the new (1) Chosen Field and (2) where the New Column has been added. Under the New Column, labeled “First Name”, you can see (3) the data from the form’s First Name field:

Step 6: Ascending or Descending (Oldest or Newest)

To sort submissions by date received or date submitted, simply click on the title bar “Date” and you will be prompted to choose an “ascending” or “descending” option. This option also works for any column that has the arrows pointing up and down, such as the First Name column in this screenshot:

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