HIPAA-Compliant Form for Your Squarespace Website

Make your Squarespace website HIPAA Compliant with forms from HIPAAtizer.

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Why HIPAAtizer?

HIPAAtizer’s always HIPAA-Compliant forms allows you to keep building websites with Squarespace AND helps you make the sites HIPAA Compliant! Broaden the industries you serve and help your existing clients stay HIPAA-Compliant!

HIPAAtizer will convert any existing form you have to an online, responsive form that is HIPAA-Compliant. HIPAAtizer’s form builder allows you and your clients to keep the Squarespace website’s branding and styling consistent.

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How to add a HIPAA-Compliant Form to your Squarespace website

Sign Up  and create your Developer (or Covered Entity) Account. Developers get free sandbox accounts and Covered Entities start with a 30-day free trial.

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Send us a PDF form to convert into an online, responsive form or build your own form with our drag & drop form builder.

Publish your form on your Squarespace website by embedding its unique code. For guidance on embedding a form please see  our guide.

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Need Squarespace HIPAA forms?

Not a problem. With HIPAAtizer Drag-and-Drop form builder you can:

  • Create Custom forms and documents
  • Create Custom Questionnaires
  • Apply conditional logic
  • Create a form packet (Workflow)
  • Use industry-specific templates
  • Add a free HIPAA-Compliant “Contact Us” form to your Squarespace landing page.

To convert an existing form into a HIPAA-Compliant form

Upload it to our conversion service. One form is always free

Some HIPAAtizer Features


Insert an image and allow your users to draw or write a comment on top of the element.


Upload IDs, insurance cards and other documents as part of a form.


Make forms more user-friendly and relevant by incorporating advanced conditional logic.


Automate calculations within questionnaires, allowing for real-time assessments and streamlined data processing.


Organize related questions into logical groups, enhancing the form’s structure and improving the user’s navigation experience.


Securely capture electronic signatures on your forms, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations for sensitive healthcare information.

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