Opioid Risk Tool (ORT) questionnaire for your practice

Add the Opioid Risk Tool (ORT) questionnaire to your practice’s assessment toolkit and offer patients the convenience of filling it out online, either at home or in the office. Keep records secure and accessible.

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ORT Online Test Template

Choose our pre-designed HIPAA-Compliant template or upload your unique ORT assessment to HIPAAtizer. We’ll convert it for free into an online form while preserving your original PDF printable template.

Getting your patients to fill-out the HIPAAtizer ORT questionnaire is easy. They can scan a QR code in your office, securely access the questionnaire on your website, or you can forward them a link to fill it out on their mobile device.

Have a number of assessments or questionnaires you’d like to combine?

HIPAAtizer can help link them all in one single workflow! Schedule a call to get a quote.

Key Features and Benefits of HIPAAtizer’s ORT template and customizable forms


Our ORT template is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring ease of use for patients on the go. The assessment can be completed on smartphones and tablets, and results are saved in the original PDF format.


Tailor the ORT assessment to suit your requirements and branding. If you have your own assessment, upload it, and we’ll convert it into a responsive online version for free.


Connect the ORT assessment results to your EMR or EHR systems. HIPAAtizer’s compatibility with various platforms streamlines data exchange, ensuring a centralized approach to data management. Non HIPAA-Compliant information can be integrated with other comprehensive systems such as Google Sheet and CRMs.


Rest easy knowing that patient data is treated with the highest security standards. HIPAAtizer is fully HIPAA Compliant, safeguarding patient privacy throughout the assessment process.

Getting Started with the HIPAAtizer ORT test

Ready-Made Template

Use the HIPAA-Compliant ORT Template from HIPAAtizer, customize it if needed, and embed it into your website. Or, with no coding required, simply send a link or QR code to your patients.
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ORT Form Template

Upload Your Own Form, Assessment or Test

Upload your own ORT test and we’ll convert it for free into a HIPAA-Compliant online version while ensuring that the PDF output stays in your desired format.

Form Conversion

Additional HIPAAtizer Features

  • Customize the ORT template to match your branding.
  • Integrate with popular platforms like WordPress, Wix, and more.
  • Automate data calculations and analytics for insights.
  • Ensure accessibility for all users.
  • Embed videos for enhanced engagement.
  • Simplify payment collection with electronic payment options.
  • Use conditional logic to create workflows.
  • Enable file uploads.
  • Set timers for streamlined assessments.
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Ready to transform your ORT assessment process?

Whether you’re a healthcare provider, developer, or agency, HIPAAtizer’s ORT improves patient intake experience, reduces manual work for a practice, and ensures data security.

Convert your existing assessments to HIPAA-Compliant online forms with our free conversion service.