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Online & Responsive Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7)

Are you looking to offer your patients the convenience of filling out GAD-7 and other health assessments online? Say goodbye to illegible handwriting, manual data entry, calculator-based scoring, and compliance worries.
With HIPAAtizer's GAD-7 Test, you can seamlessly transition everything to a fully HIPAA-secure online environment.
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HIPAAtizer’s Ready-Made GAD-7 Test Template

If you do not have your own GAD-7 Test yet, HIPAAtizer provides a comprehensive library of ready-made templates, including a pre-built GAD-7 template. This template is thoughtfully designed, taking into account industry best practices and compliance requirements with a seamless user experience. You can customize the template to align with your practice's unique requirements, logo and branding.
The HIPAAtizer Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment (GAD-7) template covers essential questions and score calculation. You have the flexibility to modify and add additional fields and questions to ensure the test captures the information necessary for your practice. Need us to add a few fields to your existing template and move it online? We can do that for free!
GAD-7 Form Template

How HIPAAtizer’s GAD-7 assessment and other forms and assessments help you save time with patients!

Gather Test Results Easily

Easily score GAD-7 assessments and calculate answers automatically, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
Generate customized PDF reports with GAD-7 assessment results, providing comprehensive insights for analysis and record-keeping.
Seamlessly integrate HIPAAtizer with Google Sheets or your preferred EMR system to centralize and analyze the data for further evaluation.
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HIPAA Compliance and Security

Secure Handling of Patient Data: Trust that your patient data is handled securely and in compliance with HIPAA regulations, safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information.
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Additional HIPAAtizer features

Effortlessly convert any paper or web test into a HIPAA-Compliant test or assessment using HIPAAtizer's free form conversion service.
Build customized tests easily with a wide range of components. From basic fields to advanced options like timers, conditional logic, and payments, tailor your test to meet your unique requirements.
Customize the look and feel of your forms to align with your brand's visual identity. HIPAAtizer's team can assist you with the branding process at no additional cost.
Integrate HIPAAtizer with popular systems such as WordPress, Wix, HubSpot, Google Sheets, Pipedrive, HighLevel, and more, expanding your capabilities and centralizing your data effortlessly.
Simplify payment collection by adding Stripe or PayPal components to your online forms, providing patients with a secure and convenient payment experience.
Capture electronic signatures securely using HIPAAtizer's built-in signature component, eliminating the need for manual signatures and ensuring compliance.
Customize form behavior based on user input using conditional logic, dynamically displaying relevant fields and sections, enhancing user experience and reducing form complexity.
Enable patients to upload relevant documents or files directly through your online forms, simplifying the document submission process and keeping everything organized.
Incorporate timers into your tests to set time limits for specific sections or overall form completion, encouraging prompt responses and streamlining the submission process.
Automate calculations and gain valuable data insights by exporting form submissions in CSV format, enabling analysis and report generation effortlessly.
Create personalized workflows with multiple forms to ensure a smooth patient journey, optimizing efficiency and improving overall experience.
Design your forms to be accessible to all users, complying with accessibility standards and providing an inclusive experience for everyone.
Enhance the user experience by embedding videos into your online forms, seamlessly sharing educational content or instructional videos.

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