Streamline Your Data Collection with HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms

The only HIPAA-Compliant online form service that allows you to keep your existing forms! HIPAAtizer converts your forms and lets you create and manage HIPAA-Compliant forms so you can keep your customers and employees satisfied.
Form conversion from PDF forms into HIPAA-Compliant online mobile-friendly forms

HIPAAtizer's HIPAA-Compliant Form Builder Makes Managing HIPAA Forms Easy!

HIPAAtizer will help you streamline and automate your HIPAA-Compliant online forms, keeping your sensitive information secure and giving both you and your customers peace of mind.
HIPAA-Compliant form solution for doctors and patients
Want a HIPAA-Compliant online form?
Want to keep your existing PDF or paper form formats?
Send us your paper form in PDF or MS Word and we'll convert it to an online HIPAA-Compliant form for you.

Designed for Both Developers and Covered Entities is a SaaS solution built by developers for developers and Covered Entities.
For developers, it is a HIPAA-Compliant form builder with custom printable PDF forms, a WordPress plugin, an online form converter, a Word and PDF intake form converter, and much more.
For Covered Entities, it is a one-stop dashboard where HIPAA-Certified staff can review and safely print entries in the formats they are used to using.

Does your Agency manage PHI for an existing roster of Covered Entities?

Your HIPAAtizer Enterprise team is standing by with custom solutions to deliver HIPAA Compliance without requiring your company to start from square one.

Why HIPAAtizer

We work with independent medical offices, dentists, therapists and mental health care professionals, and other healthcare providers to offer a safe and easy to use form builder. Take a look at why so many people trust HIPAAtizer to keep their websites HIPAA-Compliant.


With form encryption, two factor authentication, DDOS protection, HIPAA compliant access control, and access logs, you can rest assured your data is safe with us.
Form settings screen in the HIPAA-Compliant form builder

Simple to Use

Easily create custom forms in minutes with our drag and drop functionality, intuitive user dashboard, professional templates, and free sandbox environment.
HIPAA Compliant form builder and plugin to create and convert patient's forms


Avoid the costs that come with the installation of numerous clunky plug-ins and expensive HIPAA compliant hosting. At HIPAAtizer, we keep compliance affordable.
Comparison of HIPAAtizer and building a hipaa compliant website


No need for technical skills with HIPAAtizer. Our platform provides you with the functionality you need to create, edit, and manage professional, custom branded forms.
Easy to use hipaa compliant form builder and converter

Want a HIPAA-Compliant online form?

Send us your paper form in PDF or MS Word and we'll convert it to an online HIPAA-Compliant form for you.

What Our Clients Say

MY CLIENT IS NOW HIPAA COMPLIANT WITHOUT LEAVING THE DASHBOARDAs developers, we've lost doctors and dentists to Athena and Dentrix because HIPAA is such a hassle. I'm hoping others install and rate so Cappers is motivated to keep improving, because this is the real deal. Cheap for the clients and free for me. This is NOT another security plugin. The forms are actually hosted on a separate HIPAA compliant ...  
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April, 2022
AMAZING SUPPORT TEAM!I just wanted to compliment their support team. I sent the PDF doc to HIPAAtizer and they created a form, and its printable version for free. Thank you!April, 2022

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