Make Any Website HIPAA Compliant

You don't need to be a HIPAA expert to ensure your website is compliant. HIPAAtizer helps you create and manage HIPAA‑Compliant web forms so you can keep your customers and employees satisfied.

The HIPAAtizer Benefits


Build, customize, install, and publish your HIPAA-Compliant web form in minutes. Our intuitive plugin, pre-built templates, robust editing features, and free sandbox environment make it fast and easy to get started.


When building a HIPAA-Compliant website, avoid the need to purchase separate plugins or acquire expensive HIPAA-Compliant hosting. Our low monthly price makes it feasible to keep your website HIPAA Compliant.
Comparison of HIPAAtizer and building a hipaa compliant website


Build HIPAA web forms that are in line with your brand, and easily stay on top of form submissions. Our safe and user-friendly solution doesn’t require technical skills to create, manage, or edit your forms.

About HIPAAtizer

Overnight, developers were hearing this question and not knowing where to start. It turns out there were no cost-effective ways to make existing website forms HIPAA-Compliant.
Suddenly, developers were expected to wade through volumes of HIPAA Regulations, limit PHI submission access to certified individuals, harden hosting to HIPAA Standards, maintain Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), and much much more.
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Working with independent medical offices and multi-million dollar US healthcare providers has resulted in extensive expertise in government regulations and restrictions, especially those related to PHI (Protected Health Information), data transit and storage.
HIPAA-Compliance became even more mission-critical during COVID-19, as healthcare providers and medical insurance companies (Covered Entities) transferred their intake forms and applications online.
Enter Now you can answer YES to any HIPAA-Compliant Form question.
Put our expertise and HIPAA Compliance Certifications to work for you.
Comparison of HIPAAtizer and building a hipaa compliant website

Make Any Website HIPAA Compliant

Designed for both: Developers and Covered Entities is a SaaS solution built by developers for developers and Covered Entities.
For developers, it is a HIPAA-Compliant form builder with custom printable PDF forms, a WordPress plugin, a Contact Form 7 converter, free conversion of Word and PDF intake forms, and much more.
For Covered Entities, it is a one-stop dashboard where HIPAA-Certified staff can review and safely print entries in the formats they are used to using.
Does your Agency manage PHI for an existing roster of Covered Entities? Your HIPAAtizer Enterprise team is standing by with custom solutions to deliver HIPAA-Compliance without requiring your company to start from square one.

Need help building a custom HIPAA-Compliant online form and publishing it on your website?

Our technical team will be happy to help with that as well.

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